Six Nations 2024 Sweep


  • Predict scores for each match in the Six Nations Championship.
  • Predict the winning team (or draw), score 10 points.

    PLUS …
  • Winning team (or draw) and correct score for both teams, bonus 20 points.
  • Winning team (or draw) and correct points difference, bonus 10 points.
  • Winning team (or draw) and ± 7 points difference, bonus 5 points.

Example: England v Ireland

 EnglandIrelandPoints DifferenceYour points scored
Final Score103121 
IRL + Correct Score10312110+20=30
IRL + Correct Points Difference3242110+10=20
IRL ± 7 Points Difference10241410+5=15
ENG + Correct Score3110210


  • Predict the total number of tries scored throughout the whole championship.

Entry & Prizes

  • £5 per entry, to be paid when handing in sheet.
  • Either fill in a sheet at the bar and pay then, or download the entry form and send it to
  • Person with the highest points at end of the championship wins 60% of the takings.
  • In the event of a draw, the tiebreaker response closest to the actual number of tries scored will be used.
  • 40% of takings go to our chosen charity – Barnardo’s Child Bereavement Service.