Rugby World Cup Sweepstake


We have 40 entrants in the sweepstake, meaning 2 people will have the same team.

Teams will be drawn at the end of the group stages and ballots will take place to determine who wins the prizes.

Prizes will be as follows:

5th place in the group£20(1 prize)
4th place in the group£20(1 prize)
3rd place in the group£20(1 prize)
Losing quarter finalist£50(4 prizes)
Losing semi finalist£70(2 prizes)
Losing finalist£100(1 prize)
World Cup winners£250(1 prize)

There will also be a prize for the closest guess to the total number of points scored by the winning team over the whole competition. Here are the entries and guesses:

Raymond Letters113
Pauline Connaghan133
Jim Nolan143
Danny Cochrane155
Julie Cochrane165
Aaron Murray169
Tommy Hyndman174
Robin Logue183
Michael Cochrane185
Mary Hampton194
Steve McCormack197
Iain Harrison200
Ruth McCormack202
Dan Wilson203
Donna Foster205
Conor McCormack206
Hudson Foster210
Jimmy Parkhill216
Ivan Millar220
Jack Hampton220
Don O’Neill222
Jordan Foster222
Harry Harrison225
Amber Bolton227
Eddie Hampton235
David Smith245
Rebecca Nicholl245
Ian Boyd247
Beth Hampton250
Michael Oswin260
Wille Allen270
Paul Cochrane279
Seamus Kennedy285
Ivan Smith305
Paul Laverty306
Brendan McErlane320
John Kennedy327
Clare Molloy335
John Curry440
Eric Wilson454